UI/UX Design

UI UX Designing

Every great idea needs a great platform to present itself. Getting a website or an app built will not solve the purpose alone. To make a resolute ground for your brand in today’s competitive world, a strong User Interface along with User Experience is Important.

GlocalView’s team of experienced and talented designers prepare the complete wireframe and solid prototype for your website, web application or mobile application. Give the perfect facade to your website or application with great UI UX.

In this eye-catching competitive world, having an extraordinary UI goes across getting the attention of customers; it’s competent in creating magnificent UX and building the business brand worldwide. Hence, every business brand needs to center on creating alluring UI designs that propel improved UX. From basic to the latest tools and tech, the process needs to be well established and standardized to approach impressive UI/UX designs.

The (User Interface design/User Interface Engineering) UI/UX is a skill full instruction bringing practical and visual perspective to any backend structure designed from the customer perspective.UI/UX is all about staging development strategy starting from computers, mobile, devices, apps sitemaps, and wireframes targeting the highest Intuitive user experience.

We create, innovate, design, and develop as per business needs.

Creative & Strategic Design

Every creative idea needs the right strategy to fall in the right place. Our designs are creative yet strategically developed.

Plan and Analyze Resources

Our team helps firms realize and utilize their resources most  efficiently to produce the best results.

Strategic Storyboarding

We believe every website or a webpage must tell a story through its design. Our team of professionals consider your user stories and feedbacks to incorporate them in the design to come up with a flawless story.

Settling for the Right Technology

We make sure our clients settle for the right technology, framework or methods to implement the resources and designs.

UI Testing

Every design and code must go through rigorous testing for a flawless User Interface..

Test Automation

With automation testing get the desired results and help the User Interface perform flawlessly in action.

Web Interface Testing

A bad interface can turn your users off within the first few minutes of their landing on the page. Web interface testing reduces the bounce rate of the website and helps in improving website performance and user experience too.

Mobile Interface Testing

Most of the apps fail because of bad Interface. Our team can help you improve user interface and Experience by running Mobile Interface testing and fixing the flaws.

Designing Wireframe

No website can be developed without a wireframe. It’s like building a house without a map which we’ll end up looking like a mess.

Designing Wireframe

A well-designed wireframe is important to build flawless User Experience. We present you with a wireframe mock-up before developing it.

Executing the Design

After designing the wireframe or getting the wireframe from the client our team of web developers build a live website from the mock-up.

Analyse and Optimize

Our team of experts always study and analyse the wireframe thoroughly before sending it to the developers. They’ll also analyse and optimise the existing wireframe that you already have, to produce improved results.

Transforming the World Wide Web

UI UX has the power to transform the user experience with the perfect blend of strategy, science, engineering and art.

From website to web and mobile application we specialise in providing the exciting user experience for everything. We work on SaaS models, customised software, niche programs to cater to all sorts of IT solutions.

Our Process


Initially, we do end-to-end analysis to assess the client’s complete business process along with the customer’s need to provide the best possible solution.


Based on the assessment, we then discuss the possible solutions/services and guide our clients to define the strategy, a delivery model that suits them best.


Once the strategy and delivery model are defined, we deliver the services to create value for our customers.


Once the project is ready, we test with regress performance to ensure the best and quality solution is implemented.