Laravel – Your Business Growth Solution

The new age PHP development framework, Laravel is an opensource platform that helps in quick and clean web development. It’s the most robust and flexible platform for PHP that enables simplification of complex projects. Our team of seasoned developers are highly skilled and experienced to cater to your requirements and serve you with high-end solutions. Every project has a dedicated team and a designated manager to look after the end to end strategies, solutions and consultation. We keep up with the latest technology and keep upgrading ourselves to provide our clients with prodigious customised solutions.

Laravel is considered to be extremely well documented and sophisticated framework that doesn’t invite any complexities. It’s easier for any developer to understand the code, upgrade and make changes smoothly without hampering other functionalities and loops. It enables the growth of your business and doesn’t cause problems at regular intervals, unlike other frameworks.

Have an Edge Over Others

Laravel Experts at GlocalView specialise in complete Laravel Services. Our proficiency in developing simple codes for the most complex projects to create robust websites, web applications. We help businesses achieve their underlying targets leveraging amazing features of the Laravel framework.

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Laravel Artisan Tool

MVC Framework

Laravel Migration

Blade Template

Elixir API

Laravel Development Process

Study and Research

A thorough study of the project to understand every minute detail about it. Research about the project, ideation, clarifying doubts and gathering information.

Planning and Wireframe

Before developing or coding, proper planning, brainstorming is done to design flawless wireframe and prototype.

UI UX Designing

After the layout is set in the previous step then visual elements, functionality and flow are drafted.

Development and Optimization

Here comes the main task of development where everything done so far is implemented to create the actual output.

Quality Check and Analysis

When the set-up is built it goes through testing, quality check, and analytical report is produced for improvements.

Delivery and Review

The end product is delivered to the client and review process starts.

Why Choose GlocalView?

GlocalView comes with years of experience and high expertise in open source frameworks. Along with experience and expertise, our team also brings creativity and innovation to the table. We follow industry-standard of the development process and have a fast turnaround time along with reliable end-to-end support and maintenance.

Selecting the right framework is one the biggest challenge for any business, however, Laravel has gained immense popularity since its launch in 2011, now it’s considered one of the most stable and constant growing language providing stable business growth with every new launch adding new features to it provides more stability to current software. Every launch brings a massive scope of Automation increasing scalability to the framework. Laravel is an exceptionally urbane framework that upgrades with ease and incorporates changes smoothly without obstructing other functionalities. It enhances customer to achieve their business growth without hampering any current function.

Clean and Strong code is the base of any solution and Laravel is a new age PHP development framework, it’s an opensource platform that helps in faster web development. Considered as one of the most robust and flexible platforms for PHP that enables simplification of complex projects.

We create, innovate, design, and develop as per business needs.

Our Process


Initially, we do end-to-end analysis to assess the client’s complete business process along with the customer’s need to provide the best possible solution.


Based on the assessment, we then discuss the possible solutions/services and guide our clients to define the strategy, a delivery model that suits them best.


Once the strategy and delivery model are defined, we deliver the services to create value for our customers.


Once the project is ready, we test with regress performance to ensure the best and quality solution is implemented.