We Salute Our HR

We Salute Our HR

Post lockdown as I enter office premises, at first glance the people I get a chance to Interact with was our HR team and as the day progressed, I wondered, an organization, a successful one, a happier place to work. It all starts with the force behind the action, the team, the culture of the organization. These are the people that make a company successful.

 But, where do we get these people from? HRs, the significant contributors to the organization’s success as they are largely responsible for organizing and maintaining the workforce by bringing them together and forming a culture. They look after people in the organization and deliver those resourceful services that meet the requirements of both the organization and employees. There is a famous saying “Human Resources is not a thing we do. It is the thing that runs our business. If we want to build a business, let us build the people.”

We at GlocalView believe in building people and as the world is witnessing the impact of Covid-19 on all facets of life, in all countries and in all industries. There is uncertainty about how much and how long the impact of the pandemic will last globally.

In many sectors, companies were finding innovative ways to engage teams to maintain the productivity levels, At These times overall responsibility of HR department is increased as HR soul function revolves around people management and when people are isolated or have been asked to work remotely then it’s time for them to get into action.

We Salute our HR team for working hard and taking all the initiatives for the organization and employees.

To cover the monotony of working from homenumerous Engagement activities were organised. For Instance, an online quiz was arranged which includes fun questions about the employees which have helped them to know each other also.

Learning is the most critical aspect for companies, to keep the workforce engaged, and keeping them updated during the downtime. To practice the same, we organized webinars and training sessions for our employees ensuring immense opportunity to learn new skills to keep up the pace.

In this scenario, people were worried about losing their jobs. We used to keep constant touch with our employees, trying to clarify any doubts they may have about their job security.

Our HR team organised an Awareness Campaign for ensuring Proper initiative to spread awareness among employees to protect themselves from this virus to get spread. In these critical times as, we are stepping toward a bit of normal life, we are celebrating HR Day, and from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank every HR team to act as a pillar of strength in the organization

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