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Dear Customers and Business Partners
Team GlocalView welcome you all back from extended & a bit different holidays. Hope you have made best of this time and reflected upon how to take your business to new heights. As we all are trying to cope with current situation. We at GlocalView has ensured none of our delivery has impacted, in fact we are proud to onboard few new customers and hire colleagues to deliver value to our customers. Dear Customers and This Pandemic has made all of us realised, that this is the time to opt for digitisation and complete automation for our successful business. This would both help us sustain in the current pandemic but also transform our organisations to become “Future Proof”. We at GlocalView, are helping all our customers who have Innovative ideas with strong desire for change, our team of experts provides best of the solution and we promise to furnish best of the advice and services as we have been following since we started and shown tremendous growth. I wish you all success ahead and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.
Co – Founder & CEO
Vineet Jain

Styret Client Story

Styret is a web platform for interaction with properties and people, primarily housing cooperatives. It is one of biggest housing and property management system, eyeing to capture the global market in 5 years. It is one shop stop solution for all housing related problems. The Platform has four web portals business Manager (Housing cooperatives), Suppliers,
Contract Holder, Tenants. The Initial challenge was that system seems to be easy from outside but there were many challenges like Complexity of Business, Building a simple and user-friendly application to handle complex business requirements, Light weight so it should work on web and smart
devices (Mobile, Tabs etc.), Standardizing the solution for global market.
GlocalView team created a following roadmap to tackle the challenges mention above, the process begins with Research and Development in order to identify the best possible solution. To handle complexity, we break down the complex scenario into smallest unit, Easy and Intuitive UI/UX to understand and navigate, Angular based solution for building the light weight solution along with WEB API so that interaction is much faster. A complete Studying was done to gain in-depth knowledge on global market and how currently business is been done. We, the team of GlocalView celebrate its long association with this project along with conquering all the challenges we faced and delivered best till date.
Edited by
Payal Maheshwari

Quizz Wizz Launch

28 August Friday, turned out to be a big day for GlocalView, as in ComputerWorld, an article was featured on Quizwizz talking about the launch in September along with other offerings. GlocalView has always believed in turning an idea into a reality and Vision into Products. Time after time GlocalView has proved, how besides hard work, dedication, and commitment, our approach of working as a partner with our customers has turned as a successful methodology for us.

Currently, Team GlocalView is developing this solution from their delivery center in India. Presently six developers are working on the solution with multiple others effectively operational on creative and other things in Norway.

The initial launch will be done in Norway, targeting the private market and, future possibilities could be publishing quizzes on a marketplace ala Google Play and the Appstore. Team GlocalView is confident about the Quiz, its launch, and success.


1995 was an era, when Domain registration was free.

Who have imagined in 90’s, that technology would take an accelerated leap, market would be divided in PASS and SAAS and website and Domain name will be your new official address. But the way back in 90’s when all of this was in working nobody could ever predicted the way Technology is ruling our complete lifestyle.

In 1995 company called Network Solutions was granted the rights to charge people for domain names and their prices were way high, started at $100 per two years of registration. They were the only leaders.

As much as 30 per cent of this was a fee that went to the National Science Foundation to create an ‘Internet Intellectual Infrastructure Fund’. This fee was later reversed in 1997, bringing the charge down to$70 for two years.

And today as technology has taken a complete commercial turn, free seems like an illusion now.

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