How and Why Android Overtook Every Other OS

How and Why Android Overtook Every Other OS

If 8 out of 10 of your friends use Android phones, don’t be surprised that’s the worldwide ratio of Android versus other OS Users. Today you know that Android is Google’s product but it wasn’t when Android was invented. In 2003 a bunch of Tech geniuses Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Chris White, and Nick Sears set us a company and started working on a project to make an advanced operating system for Digital camera and later after studying the market they took smartphones and tablets also into consideration. Due to the financial crisis, they had to sell out Android to Google for $50 Million.

Undeniably, Apple is the pioneer of Smartphones but Google’s open-source Operating System, Android is way ahead in terms of popularity.

It was in 2007 when Apple Launched’s it’s first smartphone and refined the world of mobile phones forever. They sold over 60 million units of Apple Smartphones across the globe. Earlier the term App was associated with Apple but later Android established the real definition of Application in the minds of people. In less than a year’s time, android devices started rolling out in the market with big names like Motorola, HTC, Samsung etc. opting for it. Nokia used to rule the market with 52% of the market share going to its OS Symbian, followed by RIM’s Blackberry OS with 17% of the share and only 4% was shared by Android. By 2012 Android outnumbered IOS with four Android devices to one IOS smartphone. Today, surpassing all the other Operating systems available in the market Android stands strong with 80% of market share against 15% of IOS and the remaining 5% by others.

How Android outdid every other OS in the Market

  1. Google took a big decision to make Android available for free to use which played a major role in its rapid popularity
  2. Android is available in devices ranging from low, mid to high-end smartphones, therefore, catering to the big chunk of middle-class users in developing countries such as India and China.
  3. 87% of the world population of smartphones users have Android in their phones in comparison to only 13% of IOS users.

With Android reaching our pockets, targeting the consumers and reaching out to them has become easier. Applications are not only the prefered option by the consumer but also has a better conversion and retention rate than desktop and mobile website.

It’s extremely important for brands and business to have their own App because it enhances the accessibility to your brand, your latest offers and updates are notified to your customers directly, they retain user data, enables one-click check-in and checkout out and reduces loading time.  It’s not only highly user-friendly but also boosts brand credibility.

If you run a product based or a service based business and you don’t have an App yet. Get it right away! It’s Important.

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