Do You Have a Spot on Your Customer’s Mobile? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong!

Do You Have a Spot on Your Customer’s Mobile? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong!

Mobile apps are everywhere nowadays. Be it reading news online, ordering food to book a cab, an app is all we need! So, eventually, it has become a necessity. 

It’s a necessity not just for small or medium-size businesses but equally for multinational organizations/large-scale businesses.

Most importantly, mobile apps are a direct channel between you and your customer to connect and engage on a daily basis. Thus, if you haven’t tried it yet if you are not spot on your customer’s mobile, you are definitely missing a great opportunity for your business to scale up! 

As the demand and necessity of mobile apps are increasing speedily, customers are now expectedly spending more time on mobile devices. And, this is your chance to grasp that opportunity and take advantage of it. 

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

> Boost Sales 

increase in sales

To boost the sales of the business, mobile apps nowadays has become essential, especially for SMEs. Logical enough? Check out the market leaders and how they increased their sales through mobile apps. 

  • Zara – They increase their sales by almost 60% when their app was launched in the market. 
  • Taco Bell – Taco Bell introduced their application and no wonder; their sales faced a growth of 20% apart from the average orders. 

> Great Customer Experience 

app developer in norway

You cannot forget that you are developing a mobile app for your customers, for your target audience. Hence, it should be looked at from the customer’s point of view in terms of UI and UX. User-friendly navigation, smooth experience, error-free app and a bit of customization can enhance the customer experience. If your mobile app is providing that value to your customers, the sales results won’t surprise you for sure! 

> Effective Marketing Tool

effective strategies of app developer

For small businesses, it’s a great marketing tool. You can use a mobile app as an additional marketing tool to promote your brand, services or products in an effective manner. You can create hype around the products or services you are selling and tap the right target audience. 

How to retain your customers on Mobile App? 

When you are planning to invest money in developing a mobile app, it is vital to retain as well as engage them further. Make sure that you turn them into your loyal customers. How can you do it? Check out the points listed below.

> Great Performance 

performance of app

The performance of your mobile app counts a lot. It is important to fix all the issues and bugs beforehand so that it doesn’t impact the performance of the mobile app. Otherwise, it will irritate or frustrate the user and they might uninstall the app. Test the mobile app you are planning to launch and keep monitoring the performance. 

> Hassle-Free Process 

Hassle-Free Process

Usually, the sign-up or log-in process of mobile apps waste user’s time. Your customer won’t spend too much time on the log-in or sign-up process because what they need is an easy, simple & quick option to access the mobile app. Therefore, just keep the process simple, with a username and a password so that can use the application, until and unless, the application deals with some sensitive data. 

> Produce Habits for the Users 

When you are bored, what do you open on your mobile phone? Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any shopping/food mobile app because eventually, scrolling has become a habit of users these days. If they are searching for answers, they instantly Google it. Hence, the first-to-mind solution is the winner! 

Your mobile app should become a habit for the users. The mobile app should give notifications on a daily basis, so that, it will turn into a habit. You can do the same, just make sure that the users are nudged and reminded every single day what your application can offer to them! 

Mobile App Security Checklist to Establish Trust

Launching a mobile app is easy. But if it doesn’t take the security checks seriously, it can definitely put the brand or business at risk. According to a survey, 75% of mobile apps usually fail the basic security tests. Of course, nobody wants to take a part in such failures. 

So, here’s the security checklist for mobile apps that you need to know to establish trust with your customers. 

> Strong Authentication 

Strong Authentication

Multiple factor authentication is necessary. To prevent unauthorized access and password guessing attacks, enforcing a strong authentication process is absolutely crucial. Strong authentication must include: 

  • Password or PIN 
  • Mobile Device detection 
  • Fingerprint sensors 
  • Device ID 
  • One-time Password 
  • Location-based restrictions 

> Encrypt Mobile Communications 

Encrypt Mobile Communications

The communication between mobile apps and app servers should be end to end encrypted i.e., no threats of snooping, man-in-the-middle attacks, Wi-Fi/cellular attacks etc. Strong encryption that has 4096-bit SSL keys and session-based key exchanges is beneficial in preventing the data from decryption. Thus, make sure that your mobile app development company must integrate end to end encryption to prevent the users’ data. 

 > Validate all User Inputs 

Make sure that user’s input validation is necessary to avoid hackers. Your mobile application must have an Input Validation strategy as it will ensure data protection and at the same time, users are expected to go through a certain level of input field before they can access it.  

Building a secured mobile application includes collaboration between senior developers, security experts and marketers. It is vital that all sorts of security checks are done before launching a mobile application. 


To conclude, a mobile app is a necessity that helps businesses and brands to communicate with their customers on a daily basis. Not just to increase the popularity of your brand, but for great revenue generation, it is a must. For more details about Mobile app development along with smooth performance and regulation, get in touch with the experts of Glocal View today. 

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