We Need a Reason to Celebrate!

Here at Glocalview, we believe in working hard and celebrating harder. We feel that celebrating small things builds a sense of connection among the employees. To relieve stress and break the work monotony, we celebrate all major festivals – be it Holi, Diwali, Independence Day, Christmas and more, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Further, to lighten up the mood, we organise events on every Friday that include quiz, competitions, outbound trips etc. It’s fun and promotes collaboration at the same time.

To break-free from the four walls of the office we regularly organise outbound adventure trips and office parties.

And food! We are a bunch of foodies that just need an excuse to have sumptuous food – we even cook for the whole office in our cafeteria – from pasta (made by none other than our CEO) to sandwiches!

Values Above Everything Else

Glocalview has been built on very strong cultural values – which we believe is the core of our existence. We strive to inculcate following major values in our people – right from the CEO to the office boy – Respect, Collaboration, Ownership and Humility

When it comes to RESPECT, we believe that it is not related to age, position or anything else. Everyone deserves to be treated in a respectful manner and should be given their due importance. Not only internally, we expect our clients to respect our people. Furthermore, the utmost respect should be given to one’s work with no compromise

COLLABORATION is what makes an organisation. An organisation is a failure if its people do not work in a collaborative manner and be a source of strength for each other. Teamwork is the single most important aspect which defines our success. Organisation’s goal are always above individual’s goals

OWNERSHIP does not come from having a stake in the organisation. We want our people to have entrepreneurial mindset and take their assigned tasks with complete ownership. We try to give an independent environment to our people where they can be innovative, take risk – but able to perform with the best of their capabilities without the fear of losing

As we want our people to respect, we want our people to be humble. HUMILITY is what makes a person sure-shot success in the long run. We promote a culture where our people share responsibility and share the appreciation with each member of the team. A leader is no one without followers

Never Miss a Chance to Appreciate

We want to celebrate each small success and want our people to be appreciated for each and every small achievement of theirs. We have many programs that appreciate our best-performing employees and they are rewarded suitably for their hardwork.

“we follow Flat culture and all seniors are approachable”

Here at GlocalView, we aim to provide an open environment to our people where they are free to share their thoughts – Whats on our mind is on our lips. We encourage people to be open in sharing their thoughts, ideas, feedback without any hesitation. The top management of the company is always available and anyone can approach even the company CEO for sharing your thoughts. While team structures are put in place – but their aim is to bring smoothness in operations and if they drag things – the door is always open!