Begin the change

Begin the change

Where the world is just focusing on the negative angle of Lockdown, which is an absolute natural for all of us. We would like to divert your attention to another beautiful world, the world which is healing and guiding us to change our ways of living for a better future.

As we all can swear the lockdown is healing the earth in a way we have never seen before. The change could be sensed in the sky above our heads, the air in our lungs, and even the ground beneath our feet. Some of the most vital environmental changes have been reported or seen by us during the lockdown in India and around us. To address few;

New Delhi used to rank as the most polluted city in the world by WHO in May 2014. But as Delhi’s traffic was taken off the roads and factories and construction were ground to a halt, the skies are suddenly a rare, piercing blue. Even the bird songs seem louder and enjoyable.

The Uttarakhand Pollution Control Board, Water Authority of Haridwar tested the Ganges water and the results from the tests reveal that the water here has been classified as ‘fit for drinking now’, for the first time in decades. None the less, Dolphins were spotted near Kolkata Ghats.

All this compels our minds to think and analyze during lockdown that due to our growing aspirations, we make our lifestyle very complex. Whereas with some regular and limited resources, we can lead a better and simple life, and considering all the above factors, the money spent on non-essential items, can be used for reaching necessary resources for those people who are unable to meet even the basic needs of their lives.

Nature had gone 15 years back during this Lock-down, Lush green valleys, pure and natural drinking water from rivers, pollution-free air. Lock-down gave us a glimpse of a better lifestyle with fewer resources.

This is the time to change and adapt a healthy lifestyle, for our better future and for our later generations. We people of Glocal View pledges to do so, please join us and begin the change.

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