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Boost Business Performance

Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging technology that is becoming extremely popular around the world. Offering businesses a new-found efficiency, it is being implemented across sectors ranging from retail and healthcare to education, travel, and tourism. With our extensive domain knowledge, we deliver efficient augmented reality services to varied clients.  

We understand individual requirements and offer tailor-made programs that aim to enhance the productivity of businesses. The interactive and immersive AR platform enables businesses to maximize value creation. Glocal View is a renowned augmented reality developer and has remained at the forefront of delivering enhanced experiences for enterprises. 


Augmented Reality Development


Drive User Engagement

Augmented reality has the potential to change the way businesses operate. Its relevance continues to grow as 3D models are being used to improve user experience. In the retail segment, it allows customers to try products before buying them. 

Similarly, it can be used to create training modules that provide life-like experiences. Augmented reality companies like Glocal View help to utilize these features to create technologically advanced solutions.  


Environmental Understanding

Image Recognition

Motion Tracking

Light Estimation

Types of AR Apps Development

Market Based – Such applications perceive a particular marker – a pictogram or a code – and then substitute it with pre-set information on the screen of the device. There can be a limitless number of the two codes and allocated augmentations. Marker-based apps work best when augmentations are attached to a particular object, for example, a human anatomy  for clinical education or a particular art piece in a museum gallery. 

Area Based – To make and position a credible AR model without utilizing any markers, applications use GPS and underlying sensors, as well as complex scene and object recognition algorithms. This type of app is utilized when augmentations are supposed to adjust to different areas and, for example, precisely positioning a furniture piece in a room, show route arrows in a place of interest or point at the best deal on product shelf.

Technology to Sustain Performance

Our team of trained professionals has a thorough understanding of AR. We evaluate, assess, and ideate solutions that can completely transform a business model. We take complete responsibility for your online presence and strive to improve your search engine rankings and online marketing efforts. 

With our specially designed technological solutions, we can intensify your digital presence and improve customer loyalty. Moreover, the adoption of advanced technology can further augment business growth and development. Our customer-centric operations also enable us to deliver projects on time and schedule regular support for clients. 

Looking for augmented reality development in Norway? Glocal View is ready to fulfill your requirements.



Android AR Core


AR Tool Kit

Unity 3D

3DS Max


The greatest difficulties in any AR application development process are associated with 3D content creation and maintenance along with the scene/object recognition training.

We skillfully handle such assignments and give content-rich and dependable AR arrangements.

Content Implementation

Regular Content Update & Maintenance

Scene & Object Recognition Training


We provide complete integration of AR applications’ back end with your interior systems.

Our team of expert AR Developers can facilitate integration with all Industry Leading Solutions: ERP, CRM, PIM, and so forth.

Our Process


Initially, we do end-to-end analysis to assess the client’s complete business process along with the customer’s need to provide the best possible solution.


Based on the assessment, we then discuss the possible solutions/services and guide our clients to define the strategy, a delivery model that suits them best.


Once the strategy and delivery model are defined, we deliver the services to create value for our customers.


Once the project is ready, we test with regress performance to ensure the best and quality solution is implemented.