Augmented reality (AR) is becoming a REALITY in the current digital world!

Augmented reality (AR) is becoming a REALITY in the current digital world!

Digitalization and technology development are happening at a very fast pace. What was thought to be imaginable is turning into reality today.

When Apple launched its iPhone 12 with 5G, they put a lot of emphasis on the LiDAR scanner as part of their mobile phone. This enables the phone to create AR experiences and pave the way for the future and enable mobile users to utilize AR capabilities. This also indicates that AR is here to stay.

We at Glocal View is very proud to announce that we are looking to grow and establish ourselves as an important vendor of AR technology. As we speak, we already have a very promising and growing customer that we are working and developing their AR platform and assets (models, etc) that would revolutionize the use of mobile phones.

We have the ambition to become a team of 50+ tech experts within AR technology and looking forward to a growing Glocal View.



Do we even realize or analyse how technology creeps in and becomes an essential part of our life’s. The way we are so used to “what’s up” application now and websites are our new business address. Who knows when AR will be as essential as these applications are for us today.

The way Augmented Reality, is becoming part of our life’s slowly, For Instance, Amazon and Ikea have already launched an online store which allows user to    see how furniture will be placed in their homes which they want to buy through AR apps. This helps to take them decisions faster and enhance sales.

All this new and upcoming technology around us, makes everything seems to  be so fascinated and where ever AR is concerned, we see new updates daily, let’s learn more about what is trending in the AR world and new offerings they have for us in 2020.

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