It is a power full and easiest way to display data on the UI. It comes with full of features such as paging, animation, filtering, sorting, grouping etc. If you need to play around data on UI Angular grid is the right solution. Its flexible because of its architecture which is component based.

From the ancient time of development displaying data has been very important for a Web or Mobile application. In current time most developer rely on html table and write their own logic for basic features which intends to raise the development cost. Alternatively, the complexity of modern grid is to high and expensive too. Generally, people opt for instant solution.

Ag-grid comes with loaded features and configuration ready, it just requires few minutes for configuration and you are ready to go.

Ag-grid is compatible with all JavaScript frameworks which are currently available in market.


We need to import the module “AgGridModule” to our app module to get started.

You need to import some css files for look and feel.

Adding Ag-grid to template
Adding is simple, it is just like you add any html element on your page.

How to define the grid
We need to set two properties the column definitions and the data for the grid.

⦁ Sorting: – For sorting you just need to set “enableSorting” property to “true”.

⦁ Filtering: – For this set enableFilter=true.

⦁ Pagination: To add pagination just set “pagination” property to true.

⦁ Cell editable: This provides to edit the data on the grid, you need to specify editable=true.

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