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Our Services


With AR we create an exceptional experience for you. Our industry experts, out of the box thinking have developed magnificent products for numerous European clients.


We guarantee to create a never felt before experience for your users and make them your loyal customers for life. Our team has worked on diversified technology and delivered the best of designs.


A slick-looking mobile app can help you take customer engagement to the next level. We offer Cross-platform apps that run on both iOS and Android from a single code base.


Well acquainted with the local culture and global in the approach, MyGlocalTeam will ideate, define, and develop your projects, It’s one of the most successful insourcing models.


We offer customer-focused web development services built on the latest technologies. We specialize in PHP, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal website development, and much more.


The UI/UX is one of the aspects which has to be intuitive and user-friendly, and Glocal View Indian & Polish team is an expert in creating an unprecedented experience for each wireframe we design.

Our Approach


At this stage, we transform your ideas and concept into a detailed structured plan with Prototypes, Wireframes and/or Mockups that will cover all aspects of development and minimize the risk of missing the expectations. The team takes the lead and focuses on all the specifics provided by the client.


This stage involves lots of designing work and planning to choose the most efficient and user-friendly design. We help clients to visualize the design in the real world and create everything you need for an up-to-date and nice- looking product. It is also the time to build your infrastructure as UI/UX Design, Icons Design.


A skilled team of developers who have a great passion for solving complicated tasks and challenges, building huge and thought-out architecture, implementing cost-effective solutions, and writing code in the best practice is ready to assist you. The team takes the lead and focuses on all the specifics provided by the client.


We test everything before the deployment! Every small detail is coming through the eyes and hands of our QA Engineers. There is no place for such words as bugs and last-minute issues. All our developers test their code during the process; therefore, we guarantee the best performance. Then we deliver the solution!


At this point in the custom software development cycle, we will prioritize and fix any issues if they come and finally, we offer support and maintenance of existing solutions, and we manage the development of new technical solutions!

Projects we are proud off


Seafarers App for our Sea Warriors

Helping Seafarers and making sure, We are there for them.

Capt Sanjay Prashar is a Successful & Inspiring Businessperson. To support the people working with the merchant navy or the crew of any other ship, he came up with the vision of having an app that acts as a lifeguard.This app is the first app built in India with the motive of “Helping seafarers”.

Through the Seafarers app, you get engaged with seafarers and try helping them in times of need. When seafarers are stranded in international waters, they can effortlessly reach to this app and ask for help. Once seafarers file a complaint through this app, people who run and work on these complaints, make sure they follow-up, take quick action over the issues, and solve them asap for the benefit of the seafarers.


Voice of Norway

Voice Of Norway (VON) is an app that audiovisually conveys art, culture, history, and information.

Get easy access to information, history, and cultural heritage during your travel with the Voice of Norway app. The content ranges from facts about nature, vegetation, and wildlife, to Viking battles and war stories. The content is tailor-made for both young and older audiences.



QuizzWizz is a game-based platform, The app is basically for all customers, for kids and adults that will be used for educational as well as for fun purposes.

It has user-generated quizzes with both options for multiple-choice as well as without multiple-choice quizzes. It can be accessed via the QuizzWizz app.Through the QuizzWizz app, you get engaged and play quiz-based games at home, at work, at business engagements and parties. It is an app for your colleagues, business partners, friends, and family to play quiz-based games and have fun.

You create your teams and learn something new at every step of the game. QuizzWizz app is created with an aspect of learning and having fun and creating an educational culture around you.



Staffing solution for Norway

T2S is a Unique solution that brings staff and business together on the same platform. The purpose of launching this unique service was to identify the solution and come up with a platform that can answer constant complaints about the time-consuming work on logistics around personnel. There were sickness absence and various unfortunate situations with personnel.

It helps the businesses to find the proper staff for their work and staffs to find the right job for them as per their available time. The solution is effortlessly manageable via phone, tablet, or PC and Saves customers about 10% compared to traditional staffing agencies.



Styret is a web platform for interaction with properties and people, primarily housing cooperatives.

It is one of the biggest housing and property management systems, eyeing to capture the global market in 5 years. It is one shop stop solution for all housing-related problems. The Platform has four web portals business Manager (Housing cooperatives), Suppliers, Contract Holder, Tenants.

Glocal View team created the following roadmap to tackle the challenges mention above, the process begins with Research and Development to identify the best possible solution. To handle complexity complete Study was done to gain in-depth knowledge on the global market and how currently business is been done.We, the team of Glocal View celebrate its long association with this project along with conquering all the challenges we faced and delivered the best till date.


My Nordic Travel

My Nordic Travel is a group of professionals who are passionate travellers.

It’s a Destination Management Company for the Nordic and Scandinavia region creating and selling independent package tours, escorted coach tours, MICE and Group travels throughout the region. The company provides services to B2C and B2B clients for Scandinavia offering numerous packages, fitting everyone needs through our various packages.


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GlocalView comes with years of experience and high expertise in open source frameworks. Along with experience and expertise, our team also brings creativity and innovation to the table. We follow industry-standard of the development process and have a fast turnaround time along with reliable end-to-end support and maintenance.

Selecting the right framework is one the biggest challenge for any business, however, Laravel has gained immense popularity since its launch in 2011, now it’s considered one of the most stable and constant growing language providing stable business growth with every new launch adding new features to it provides more stability to current software. Every launch brings a massive scope of Automation increasing scalability to the framework. Laravel is an exceptionally urbane framework that upgrades with ease and incorporates changes smoothly without obstructing other functionalities. It enhances customer to achieve their business growth without hampering any current function.

Clean and Strong code is the base of any solution and Laravel is a new age PHP development framework, it’s an opensource platform that helps in faster web development. Considered as one of the most robust and flexible platforms for PHP that enables simplification of complex projects.

We create, innovate, design, and develop as per business needs.

Client Testimonials

  • “With global delivery centers in India and Poland, Glocal View is a local company delivering “Remote IT delivery teams”. Aktiv Service Utleie has engaged Glocal View to develop Web and mobile application with their IT team in India. Our experience with Glocal View has been very positive and we highly recommend Glocal View for delivering cost efficient and experienced IT development teams with high degree of flexibility”.

    Matteo Stornaiuolo

    CEO, AktivServiceUtleieAktivServiceUtleie

    Matteo Stornaiuolo
  • Glocal View assisted us in a RFP where the goal was to find a strategic partner where we could outsource our datacenter, infrastructure and platform operations. The project management and advisory role of Glocal View in this project was invaluable as it helped us in both finding a very good partner for us, but also in ensuring that the establishment project was delivered on both time and cost with exemplary quality. I would recommend Glocal View and Vineet Jain in any RFP project related to insourcing of IT services.

    Elkjøp Nordic AS

    IT Supplier Manager Elkjøp Nordic AS.Oddbjørn Erlimo

    Elkjøp Nordic AS
  • Glocal View is a Norwegian company with delivery centers in India and Poland. We have engaged them to help us with our web application with respect to architecture, design, development and support. We found Glocal View very professional in terms of communication, cultural understanding, quality of delivery and cost efficiency. They have experienced resources with excellent technical skills. We recommend Glocal View as a local vendor (cultural understanding) with global delivery centers to get the cost efficient and scalable IT teams.

    Kris Skappel


    Kris Skappel